About Me

moss-tree1My name is Vanessa Lever and I am a doula in the greater Vancouver area.  I first became interested in pregnancy and birth way back in high school when we learned about the science of human reproduction.  It fascinated me so much that I began researching different birthing professions which eventually lead me to doula work.  What an amazing opportunity and honour to be able to support parents in one of life’s most pinnacle moments!

My Philosophy

I am constantly amazed by the power and strength of birthing people, and pregnancy and birth is no exception.  The human body is so wonderfully wise and capable and it’s so important to let it have the opportunity to do what it instinctively knows how to do.  Much of the stigma that surrounds childbirth is fear-based and the best way to eliminate fear is to be informed.  I believe in less reliance on medical intervention, more emotional and educational support, building confidence, and the power of calm and positivity.  I believe in providing equal, non-judgmental support based on informed decision-making, and bring with me a mature, professional demeanor, but always with an underlying quirkiness and enthusiasm.  And ultimately, I believe in YOU and the decisions you make for your own body.  Making babies is fun, birthing babies should be too!


My Training & Memberships

  • Wise Women Way of Birth Doula Training (Jessica Austin, Vancouver BC)
  • Apprentice Childbirth Educator with The Childbearing Society (Vancouver BC)
  • Member of Doula Services Association of BC