Recommended reads, listens, views for parents to-be.

Prenatal Classes


Placenta Encapsulation


  • A great jumping off point –>
  • Shaz Tayebi, Lactation Consultant –> Shaz also holds a breastfeeding drop-in every first Wednesday of the month, 11:00-12:30 pm at Pacific Midwifery (1540 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver)
  • Dallas Parson, Lactation Consultant –> Dallas also has a monthly drop-in breastfeeding cafe for moms

Postpartum Care & Healing



  • Fear Free Childbirth Podcast with Alexia Leachman –> I particularly enjoyed the episodes about hypnobirthing (“Preparing your mindset for birth”) and “Hospital or home birth interview with Sonia Killik” (Note: this one is very biased toward home birth).
  • toLabor Doula Podcast –> The interview with a labour and delivery nurse episode #97 is very interesting; great conversation from both sides (hospital nurse and doula).


Are there any other books, websites, or podcasts that you have found helpful?  Please feel free to share in the comments!

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